Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crash Test

Wot Rocket being lowered into the water for the first evacuation drill. Photo by Christophe Launay/Wot Rocket
Wot Rocket is put to the test...
Today was the day Wot Rocket creator Sean Langman was dreading. Having to exit Wot Rocket's pod as it quickly filled with salt water was proving nightmare material and when the pod was dropped almost three metres into the water off Woolwich Dock to test its strength as well as that of its crew, Langman was out the door within seconds.
The force of the impact revealed a weakness that could have proven disastrous had it not been discovered. The Perspex covers didn’t withstand the impact of the drop and shattered in a number of places which means less flexible polycarbonate canopies will be installed before next Tuesday’s first test sail on Botany Bay.