Monday, June 2, 2008

Volvo Melges 24 World Championship

01 June 2008 - Telling it like it was - here are some quotes from the guys themselves here at day one of the Volvo Melges 24 World Championship in Porto Cervo:

Bill Hardesty - Team Sevenstar SLAM, GBR-592 " It was a very tricky day with the wind coming from all directions. Despite that we had some good starts and nice speed."

Jamie Lea - Team Barbarians, GBR-691 " We had a good start in the first race. We managed to tack onto port early, as it was the thing to do because the wind went right. Really good speed up the first beat. Crossed on the little shift at the top, which put us in front. Very shifty at the top. Big ups and downs, so we were changing gears a lot. We had to be shifting gears the entire time. It was really about shifting gears all day. It was a good solid day.

"Personally, in the past I've made the mistake of setting expectations so, we've came here with an open mind. We're just focusing on doing our best.

"The level of competition is exactly where we expected it to be and more. More so, than originally anticipated. There are about 20-30 boats out there that are really. We are just going keep plugging away at it."

Stephen Alex Shafer - Sweaty Betty, USA677 "There were moments of brilliance," said a sarcastic Shafer. "We really got hung out to dry on the last race. First race was lucky. We kept the boat moving. Second race we were doing ok, and then the wind shifted. We had people rolling over on us above and below and we just simply got shut out." Full Report - Regatta Website