Friday, February 29, 2008

Photos from Down Under

2008 Takapuna Tornado World Championships photos by Will Calver, Ocean Photography

Hard Drive Crashed

Ivor Wilkins/Offshore Images
Another tough day at the office!

Wally Halves

Fano, Italy – The lamination and sanding of the mould of the Wally 50m hull is almost completed at WallyEurope facility.
The lamination of the two halves of the hull will start in the second week of March to be finished by the end of June, while the de-moulding is scheduled for the end of September. -

Thursday, February 28, 2008

What Would Russell Do? T-Shirt!

Ever find yourself and your crew wondering which way to go on the race course?
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Cut Style

Believe it Or Not?

Come on... his eyes say it all!

Photo credit: Pierpaolo Carletti / Alinghi
Ernesto Bertarelli receives Italy's Special Award for the promotion of sailing
Rome, 27 February 2008) Alinghi team president, Ernesto Bertarelli, was honoured last night at the Audi Sailor of the Year gala for his successes in promoting the sport of sailing through his recent America’s Cup victory.

He was presented with the Special Award, dedicated to Paolo Venanzangeli, an Italian America's Cup journalist, who passed away a year ago, by his widow Bianca Gropallo.

“I was born in Rome and started sailing in Civitavecchia with my father, a sailing fan, so I am particularly honoured and very happy to receive this prize here in Italy for what we achieved during the 32nd America’s Cup with Alinghi and AC Management. We very much hope to return to the water soon. Thank you again for the award. I’m proud of it," said Ernesto.

The award celebrates Ernesto Bertarelli and Alinghi’s achievement in winning a second consecutive America’s Cup and the enormous impact that this first event in Europe has had on awareness of the sport. It recognises the scope of the 32nd America’s Cup in terms of AC Management that laid on an event, attracting an unprecedented six million visitors, 4,000 million TV viewers and distributing over 60 million Euros of net surplus among participating teams.

Giovanni Soldini and Pietro D’Ali winners of the 2007 Transat Jacques Vabre,won the Audi Sailor of the Year Award. End. -

Daubney may still be in trouble?

LAUSANNE, Switzerland - The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) director general David Howman told reporters on Wednesday the organisation was considering an appeal in the case of New Zealand yachtsman Simon Daubney who tested positive for cocaine during Team Alinghi's successful defence of the America's Cup.

Daubney became the first sailor in America's Cup history to fail a doping test after providing a sample containing two metabolites of cocaine on the opening day of the 2007 competition.
The yachtsman subsequently resigned from his Swiss team but had his suspension lifted last month by the International Yachting Federation (ISAF).

The Federation said it had based its decision on a ruling by the Swiss Olympic Association whose disciplinary chamber ruled that Daubney had not infringed any anti-doping rules.

"We are looking at the Daubney case very closely because he was fully exonerated for an adverse finding," Howman said.

"We have not yet received the full reasons which is why we have yet to make a final decision, but the first review causes us concern."

WADA has appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) over a decision by US officials to clear American sprinter LaTasha Jenkins of doping.

"We just appealed against the Jenkins decision," Howman said. "She was exonerated on grounds that, once we looked at it, we considered not sustainable."

Jenkins, a silver medallist in 200 metres at the 2001 world championships and world indoor championships, tested positive for the steroid nandrolone at a meeting in Belgium in July 2006.
The charges against her were dismissed last December by the US Anti-Doping Agency which cited irregularities in the testing procedure.

Jenkins' representatives argued that the testing laboratories had violated a WADA standard requiring that tests be carried out by different technicians.
- By Mark Ledsom REUTERS Photo / Getty Images

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Magnitude 80 Breaks Record To PV

Winning Crew of Magnitude 80

Team Beowulf - Photos SDYC

Congratulations to Doug Baker and the crew of Magnitude 80, who crossed the finish line at 04:07:35 PST, crushing the course record by just over six hours (-06:08:01). The course's previous record was owned by Pyewacket in the first race SDYC hosted to the destination of Puerto Vallarta in 1998.
The sole entry in the Performance Cruising Class, Beowulf, is the second finisher at 05:43:17 PST. Official finish times will be posted as soon as possible at


The cyclists have the yellow jersey: from now on the sailors have the Gold Wheel. Indeed, the boat leading the RC44 Championship Tour will be sailing with a gold wheel, making it easily identifiable by the public and the media. The trophy will be permanently awarded to the best team at the end of the season. - RC44
What will they think of next?


The RC 44 Class, who already innovated by imposing direct umpiring, moves its standards up by adding a professional race management to its organization. Peter “Luigi” Regio, the famous race manager, will from now on manage all the RC 44 regattas. Chief Race Officer - amongst others – for the America’s Cup and the TP 52 class, Peter Regio is certainly one of the most experienced specialists in his field. -RC44 Newsletter

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"JB" - John Barnitt Signs On With Alinghi

Photo Alinghi Source Alinghi
Ex-America’s Cup sailor, John Barnitt, joined Alinghi this week as sports director for the sailing team. The American sailor is familiar with the Swiss team having worked for Alinghi during the 31st America’s Cup as starboard grinder.
The 47 year old has enormous depth in the industry, he started his career with Dennis Conner on Stars & Stripes in 1987, sailed the infamous 1988 catamaran vs. monohull match and in 1992 experienced the early days of the new AC Class. After some time out, he joined Alinghi in Auckland for the victorious 2003 America’s Cup.

JB’s role as Alinghi sports director will include managing the sailors and helping the team prepare for the next event. “On a day to day basis, I’ll be planning the daily schedule, establishing priorities, organising the physical training and the staffing for the various boats and projects, while supporting the design team needs and aiding with the current development and performance programme for the sailing team.”-

To read full story and see JB’s Video File Click Here

Groupama 3 back on her feet

Groupama 3 was righted in the port of Dunedin in New Zealand.

SRM Update

From Chris Busch on board Jim Madden Stark Raven Mad:

Greetings. It's 9:30 pm Monday as I type this, and we're coming up on Cabo. Saw breezes around 18-22 knots for most of Sunday night and Monday early. Saw occasional boat speeds of 26 knots. Had some interesting "drama" on a jibe and some other assorted fun Sunday night. Headed way offshore past Cedros, not sure if that will pay off or not - only time will tell. Everyone in doing well and having fun. Casualties so far seem to be two overboard winch handles. Hope to be in PV (winds dependent) on Wednesday sometime. See race tracker

Jim M & Chris B.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Family Feud

© Juerg Kaufmann
Brief extract from BYM NEWS
The AMC remains loyal to D35 Class values and welcomes resolution of differences with Nicolas Gonet
The AMC was the brainchild of five founding members: Ernesto Bertarelli, Philippe Cardis, Jean-François Demole, Guy de Picciotto and Nicolas Grange, who created and developed the Décision 35 as an owner-sailor class on Lake Geneva. All members share the same passion for sailing competition based on similar sporting values that do not centre on commercial gain.

The AMC never had the intention to exclude the "Banque Gonet" boat from competition nor forbid anyone from sailing. However, the AMC clearly expressed to Nicolas Gonet that in the D35 Class, we put sport before commerce and therefore, his objective was in conflict with that of the other owners. His decision to sell his boat is an appropriate solution for all involved and the AMC will ensure that the boat continues to race on the circuit." -
Nicolas Grange Président Association des Multicoques de Compétition Full Story Here

Team Aqua Ready To Battle

Team Aqua looks forward to defending its RC44 title.
The Dubai RC 44 Cup will start on Monday March 3 with the match racing event. Cameron Appleton, our match race helmsman, will steer the boat. Some exciting matches can be expected against - amongst others Russell Coutts and James Spithill.

Chris Bake will be back at the helm on Wednesday, for three days of intense fleet racing.

The Dubai RC44 Cup will reassemble Chris Bake’s Team Aqua (with pro sailor Cameron Appleton), Russell Coutts’ Team Omega with Patrick De Barros helming the fleet races and Miroslav Reljanovic’s Cro-A-Sail (who now sails with Morten Henrikson): the top three teams of the Championship Tour 2007.

Team Ceeref (Igor Lah / James Spithill) and Team Hiroshi - Città di Milano (Armando Giulietti and Sébastien Col ) will lead the opposition, whilst Sea Dubai, the local team from DIMC, will join the RC 44 fleet for the first time with Markus Wieser at the helm.

The teams involved:
(Name of team, owner, pro sailor)

Team Aqua, Chris Bake / Cameron Appleton
Team Ceeref, Igor Lah / James Spithill
Team Omega, Patrick de Barros / Russell Coutts
Cro-A-Sail, Miroslav Reljanovic / Morten Henrikson
Team Hiroshi - Città di Milano, Armando Giulietti / Sébastien Col
Sea Dubai, DIMC, Markus Wieser

Going Green

A syndicate with environmental issues at the heart of their campaign has emerged as a potential eighth entry for the 2008-09 race.

Known as Carbon Challenge, the objective of the campaign is to raise awareness of the harmful effects of global warming as the team travels the globe by significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

The team plans to campaign with Pirates of the Caribbean, the first generation Volvo Open 70, which finished second overall in the 2005-06 race.

“It's a cool idea for Carbon Challenge to get on board a pre-campaigned boat,” Weaver said.
“We will have already saved an incredible amount of energy compared to a team that builds a new boat. In theory at least, we don't have to sacrifice a lot of performance versus the other teams as my research indicates that we can be reasonably competitive, investing our personal energy in making the boat fast.

“In the short term we need to inspect the boat and determine a timetable for a re-fit with design engineers and boatbuilders, we will then look at a new complete sail inventory, I have an outlet to recycle the old ones.

“Then when we push the button we can get the sailing team on the water early so by race time they will be up for the challenge.

“Using a pre-campaigned boat, our crew will have a harder job keeping up with the rest of the field. But that is part of the challenge – to outperform expectations by being carbon conscious.”

Update from Stark Raving Mad PV Race

Click on image to enlarge! Photo by Brian Camet
Via sat link from Chris Busch on board Stark Raving Mad racing down the Mexican coast of Baja California to the finish off Puerto Vallarta.

Hey Brian,

Here's the last 24 hours from Stark Raving Mad. We feel pretty blessed to get out of San Diego the way we did. The wind was further right than predicted and with decent pressure. We got through most of the boats which started earlier Saturday with in the first 1.5 hours. We were basically beating with the Mast Head Genoa and aiming down rumline with Magnitude just to leeward and closer to shore.
The whole fleet had to tack several time as the wind swung left to 130 approaching ensenada. Mag's got a little jump on us as we settled in for the night with lot's of shifts and a few hole's to get stuck into. We got the better of them in the morning when they parked up just outside of us and at roll call we were 1 mile ahead. The rest of the boats are behind and outside. It's now 2PM on Sunday and we have nice running conditions with 15-18 knots and Cedros just ahead. Magnitude is right next to us as we are putting some miles away towards PV. We expect it to build through the night so you could see some nice 24 hour runs from the boats tomorrow.

Take Care,
Chris Busch

Wipeout Hobart Style

Photos by Jane Austin
Some great wipeout shots during the Crown Series Regatta in Hobart TAS, Australia. Thanks to Nicholas for the hookup!


Photos by Jane Austin
Puff in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Puff on!

Alinghi sees the writing on the wall

Photo credit: Jose Delgado/Alinghi
Seven months after winning a second consecutive America’s Cup, the Alinghi sailing team is back on the water and training in Valencia.

Fifteen sailors were out racing the Alinghi Extreme 40s on Saturday including Ed Baird, Dean Phipps, Yves Detrey, Warwick Fleury, Murray Jones, Lorenzo Mazza, Francesco Rapetti, Pieter van Nieuwenhuyzen, Juan Vila, Nils Frei, Curtis Blewett, Rodney Ardern, Nicolas Texier, Luc Dubois and Pierre-Yves Jorand.

This is the first in a series of training sessions that herald the beginning of the summer sailing season and kick off team preparations for an America’s Cup, whether in an AC90 in 2011 or on a multi-hull. “We are preparing for all scenarios, both with the X40s and the D35s on one hand and with the Farr40 on the other. We have a busy summer sailing schedule lined up,” team skipper Brad Butterworth said.

The current sailing team schedule is to campaign the Décision 35 multi-hull on Lake Geneva, to compete in the iShares regattas with the X40 and to do various Grand Prix events onboard the Alinghi Farr40. -

Saturday, February 23, 2008

PV 2008 Start Video

Mexican Fiesta

Friday night’s party at San Diego Yacht Club turned into a Mexican Fiesta and the border partol was in full force!

Not just any donkey!

Photos SDYC and Brian Camet
So you’ve read about the party Friday night – rumored to have been ‘one of the best in the last 35 years at the club’. It was great – and darn if the Saturday start didn’t turn out to be just as much fun.
While it looked a little grim at 11 am with the wind barely lifting tell-tales from the south, like the crowd that grew on Shelter Island to watch, as 1200 approached everything seemed to fall into place. The wind kicked in to a really nice 10 – 12 kt southwesterly so the boats could fetch the open ocean, the Police boat “Pt. Loma” was in place to send the fleet off with a hail of water, the mariachi band was cranking out the ‘rancheras’, …and off they went.
The seven Division 3 boats left exactly at 1200. The America’s Cup replica yacht “America” was flying her huge American flag, and downtown San Diego with the mountains nicely visible in the background highlighting America’s finest city. There was some early jockeying and tacking to get sorted out on the channel runway to the ocean.
The four Division 2 boats went off next at 1210. The breeze was holding nicely and with a little more room to maneuver, they all were able to crack off just a little on their way to sea.
And last, but often foremost – the Division 1 boats hit the line at 1220. Just keeping up with them in the power boat doing 12 and 13 kts is exciting. They knife through the water with such little fuss. Point Loma looming in the background, sun glinting off the water – it was beautiful. You should check out the photos from the start, then click on the FIS Race Tracker to see how they’re all keeping up.
Saturday night will likely be a very different story. The southwesterly is likely to break down tonight as the front arrives and the rain returns. The breeze will back to the south, and pick up, as will the precipitation. So while you snuggle under the covers tonight and listen to the rain starting to pelt the windows and see the trees swaying in the breeze, think about these guys coming on watch, clipping in to the safety harnesses and driving their boat through the bounding seas…and dream. -

Friday, February 22, 2008

Puerto Vallarta Race 2008

Saturday will mark the start for the rest of the 19 boat fleet as the Division 3, 2 and 1 boats get underway. Puerto Vallarta race is a offshore distance race from San Diego, California to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Division 3 will start at 1200, Division 2 at 1210 and Division 1 at 1220.

Photos courtesy of John Anderson & Jared Wohlgemuth
And they’re off…
The first four boats in the 2008 San Diego to Puerto Vallarta International ‘Vallarta Race’ set off for Puerto Vallarta today (Feb 22). Starting in a moderate (8-10 kts) east/southeast breeze and on a strong ebb tide, three ORR Division 4 boats and a single ‘Performance Cruiser’ hit the line at 1200 sharp.
Ernie Doizaki’s 78’ Dashew blue-water design ‘Beowulf’ was a little slow out of the blocks, but after clearing Point Loma, she was reported on the FIS Tracker doing 7 – 8 kts and heading offshore, where no doubt, she is most comfortable . As the lone ‘Performance Cruiser’, the pressure is off within his class, but Doizaki will still be watching the progress of the Div 4 race boats fully half his length. Full Report

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Race Around Antarctica

21 Feb 08 0200 UTC. Sat Phone Sched with Fedor - Hoping for some sunshine!
“All is fine on board 'Trading Network Alye Parusa', we are sailing East at 10-12 knots towards Cape Horn. There is less than 3.000 miles left to the Horn – sounds like a Transatlantic race distance and does not look as far-far away. For now, I would like to stay in the middle of the Antarctica Cup Racetrack around 52-53 South. It is interesting to see how Cape Horn will meet us. It will be quite unusual not to round and go up (the South Atlantic), but to continue due East towards Australia and Albany.
I know it is full moon now, but we keep sailing in complete darkness. Several layers of clouds and constant rain-drizzle with frequent portions of snow make it is very unpleasant to work in the cockpit.
All my gear is wet and I can only change one wet weather jacket for another which “dry out” for 2-3 hours on the hook in my cabin. It is as wet inside as it is out on the deck. Condensation is everywhere. My sleeping bag feels like it was washed but has not been dried out. I have several sleeping bags and this helps a lot. I wish I had 10 of them. With the rolling seas we have now, I can even think to open the hatch on deck for ventilation. Here in the Southern Ocean you always fight something. Now that the storm has passed I’m fighting the cold. I have to put plastic bags onto my feet in order to keep them warm and not to lose body temperature. Obviously hat and gloves are on. Basically you are sailing inside a refrigerator. Full Report-

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Groupama 3 Salvage Operation Underway

A big salvage operation is underway off the North Otago coast, as the rescued French sailors try and recover their capsized racing yacht. They reached the wreckage on Wednesday morning in conditions described as ideal for the difficult job.
The sailors tried battling their upturned trimaran right before nightfall and luckily for them everything went well but very slowly.

"The weather is very fine and we are very lucky because there is no wind, it's sunny, and there is only very long swell," said Yves Parlier, the Groupama 3 navigator.
The wreckage from the yacht is drifting steadily north and its now about 150km off the Oamaru coast.
It's also spreading apart, with a piece of the hull floating 500 metres away. -

Volvo Race Training

Photo by Click on image to enlarge!

Solo Gathering

Photo by OnEdition
Some of the greatest stars from the world of solo sailing gathered in London today for the official launch of The Artemis Transat – the oldest solo ocean race in history and the precursor to this year’s solo Vendée Globe * Mike Richey (owner of the famous 25ft Jester) competing in every race since 1964, Dame Ellen MacArthur, Mike Golding OBE, Conrad Humphries, Loick Peyron and Florence Arthaud were just some of the stars to be reunited at this unique event at The Haymarket Hotel in London today * UK’s leading investment company, Artemis, official title partner to The Artemis Transat welcomed the sailing greats from past, present and future, and confirmed the official entry list for the 13th edition of the race that starts on 11th May 2008 from Sutton Harbour Plymouth to Rowes Wharf, Boston -

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blast Reaching in the Roaring Forties...

Photo Jean-Marie Liot - SailingOne
SolOceans Test Run: Checkout video link below!
Just a week after she left Cape Town (South Africa), Bostik is sailing on the Southern depressions’ motorway in the Indian Ocean, at 46° to 48° South, i.e. in the heart of the Roaring Forties, not far from the Kerguelen Islands. This time, Bostik got into the heart of the matter!
It’s now time for Charles Caudrelier and Liz Wardley to test double-handed the first Veolia Oceans® one-design, in the exact conditions for which she has been imagined by Yvan Griboval and then designed by Jean-Marie Finot, Pascal Conq and their associates from Group Finot-Conq, with the help of Michel Desjoyeaux, technical consultant whose experience was invaluable. Bostik is sailing on the exact course of the SolOceans, heading towards Wellington (New Zealand). Charles Caudrelier, the skipper, is discovering those out-of-the-way territories and is drawing the first lessons from it. Full Story

Click here to open Video of Roaring Forties

Video from Groupama 3 after the breakup

Checkout this incredible footage from Groupama 3 just after there hull breaks apart and the catamaran flips over and there rescue!
Click here to open video!

Go to website if link not working

Oracle BMW TP52?

We have heard a few rumors that Russell Coutts and Larry Ellison are working on a TP52 Program. Not sure when they will find the time to race each boat they have! RC44, X40, AC90, AC, TP52 and don’t forget the World Sailing League? Talk about having your hand in everyone’s cookie jar!