Friday, February 8, 2008

Free Ride

Photo Groupama 3
Interview with Jacques Caraës
"What a surprise last night at our change of watch to discover that an albatross had landed in the cockpit of Groupama 3...It was pitch black. The bird wasn't frightened and spent the night with us. This morning at first light, we were able to approach it and stroke it. The albatross didn't mind. He wasn't scared of us, but we were a bit frightened of him because the length of our mascot's beak didn't encourage us to approach him without a certain degree of restraint. At daybreak, Fred took him in his hands and threw him into the air so he could find his playmates again. What a magical moment. It's so rare to approach such a bird. For this moment alone it's been worthwhile making the journey. To be honest, we were a little sad to see our mascot go, even if he was more majestic in the air than on the deck of Groupama 3."