Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wally Yachts 50M: That's 164ft

Fano, Italy – The construction of the largest Wally sailing yacht is proceeding on schedule at WallyEurope facility: the plug of the hull is currently being completed, and the lamination will start in the second week of March.

The advanced composite building technology developed by Wally provides for the plug to include the longitudinal omegas: by using this system, the hull will be already reinforced by the longitudinal structures when it’s de-moulded, reducing the construction time and improve the quality of the structure.This result is obtained by using the FEM (Finite Elements Model) analysis to dimension the main structures in order to include them in the plug.

The delivery of the Wally 50m, the first mega yacht of this size completely built in advanced composites, is scheduled for spring 2010. dimension the main structures the plug. - Wally