Monday, February 25, 2008

Update from Stark Raving Mad PV Race

Click on image to enlarge! Photo by Brian Camet
Via sat link from Chris Busch on board Stark Raving Mad racing down the Mexican coast of Baja California to the finish off Puerto Vallarta.

Hey Brian,

Here's the last 24 hours from Stark Raving Mad. We feel pretty blessed to get out of San Diego the way we did. The wind was further right than predicted and with decent pressure. We got through most of the boats which started earlier Saturday with in the first 1.5 hours. We were basically beating with the Mast Head Genoa and aiming down rumline with Magnitude just to leeward and closer to shore.
The whole fleet had to tack several time as the wind swung left to 130 approaching ensenada. Mag's got a little jump on us as we settled in for the night with lot's of shifts and a few hole's to get stuck into. We got the better of them in the morning when they parked up just outside of us and at roll call we were 1 mile ahead. The rest of the boats are behind and outside. It's now 2PM on Sunday and we have nice running conditions with 15-18 knots and Cedros just ahead. Magnitude is right next to us as we are putting some miles away towards PV. We expect it to build through the night so you could see some nice 24 hour runs from the boats tomorrow.

Take Care,
Chris Busch