Monday, February 25, 2008

Family Feud

© Juerg Kaufmann
Brief extract from BYM NEWS
The AMC remains loyal to D35 Class values and welcomes resolution of differences with Nicolas Gonet
The AMC was the brainchild of five founding members: Ernesto Bertarelli, Philippe Cardis, Jean-François Demole, Guy de Picciotto and Nicolas Grange, who created and developed the Décision 35 as an owner-sailor class on Lake Geneva. All members share the same passion for sailing competition based on similar sporting values that do not centre on commercial gain.

The AMC never had the intention to exclude the "Banque Gonet" boat from competition nor forbid anyone from sailing. However, the AMC clearly expressed to Nicolas Gonet that in the D35 Class, we put sport before commerce and therefore, his objective was in conflict with that of the other owners. His decision to sell his boat is an appropriate solution for all involved and the AMC will ensure that the boat continues to race on the circuit." -
Nicolas Grange Président Association des Multicoques de Compétition Full Story Here