Monday, April 13, 2009

Slow Going

We've been experiencing the lightest conditions seen in the race so far. It has been slow going since we started yesterday on Leg Six of the race from Rio de Janeiro to Boston. We saw the remnants of a sea breeze for the first few hours after the start but since then we haven't really seen any more than five knots of wind. We rounded Cabo Frio this morning around 1000 hours, alongside E3 and 4. It is now 1800 and that point of land is still clearly visible behind us. Capey informs me that it's going to be slow for the next few days as well. This is not what we wanted to hear- everyone is itching to get moving and there is a noticeable air of impatience onboard the vessel. We are still alongside the E's, there’s nothing new there. It's not good to be fighting it out with them in the middle while Tele-Blue sneaks along the coast- another layer of frustration.

My own theory is that people are still recovering from the physical and mental toll taken on them by Leg Five. There has been no real down time for months now and a case in point would be Salty and Justin, who had just four days at home in New Zealand before heading back to Rio for the In Port race, so being out here and going between zero and three knots is understandably frustrating. Fortunately, my family came to Rio so I was able to chill out for a few extra days. Now we are back at sea and it always takes me a day or two to get into the swing of things. It’s never any different so I'm grateful for few easy days, although it is a little boring to be going so slowly. Added to that this leg is critical and it would be a shame to see the outcome decided early on in a crap-shoot 100 miles from the start. - Rick