Monday, September 27, 2010

The winds of the future blow from the sea - Mascalzone Latino’s school of sailing

In operation since 2007, Mascalzone Latino's Sailing School inaugurates new facilities

Napoli, 27 settembre 2010

The city of Naples greatly differs from the stereotypes depicted in the local news: It’s a capital of great artistic and cultural prestige, history, light and above all sea. It’s indeed from the sea that comes a unique opportunity, representing a strong will to change and offering a vision of growth for the young: “I believe that the answer to the future of the youth in Naples can come from the sea”, has always argued Vincenzo Onorato, owner of Mascalzone Latino. In fact it is from this personal conviction that Mascalzone Latino’s school of sailing – and life – was born in 2007, exclusively for children between the ages of 8 and 16, with special attention given to the most underprivileged social groups, which recently obtained the patronage of the Ministry of Youth, thanks to the results achieved and its educational vocation.

The Sailing school offers classes absolutely free for children coming from the poorer segments of the most underprivileged neighborhoods in Naples. The path alternates three phases: The first one is educational, offering a stable place to meet and exchange. The second one focuses on training, and through it, pupils participate in activities both in a classroom and on the water, having a direct dialog with the instructors and alternating theoretical instruction with practice on yachts. The third phase is a true insertion into the labor market, with the possibility of transforming a passion into a profession, through internships organized by Mascalzone Latino in the sectors of communication, sailing, commercial shipping, etc.

Body and soul of this praiseworthy initiative is indeed Vincenzo Onorato, President of Moby and Mascalzone Latino – the sailing team he founded in 2003 – who, besides being himself a sailor and the manager of the shipping Company, was able to create with the passion and spirit of a seaman a real alternative to the social ills the young are very often victims of.

“In 2007 we set our sight to this school», reminds Onorato. «My wish was – and still is – to share my passion for the sea with the young people of the city and with the less fortunate ones. Our goal is to raise awareness, through an educational sport such as sailing, of fundamental values such as group work, loyalty, force, mutual respect and courage”.

It was Vincenzo Onorato himself that inaugurated, today, the sailing school’s new facilities in via Ferdinando Acton 1 of Naples.

Mascalzone Latino’s Sailing School wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the constant and attentive support of the Italian Navy that from the outset believed in the vocational and social spirit of the idea promoted by Vincenzo Onorato in order to bring the young closer to the sea.

One of the main partners of the project is the Fondazione Vodafone Italia that supports the project of the Sailing School, aiming at actively contributing to the reduction of youth discrimination through the multiple initiatives promoted by Mascalzone Latino in the sports and social fields and the renewal kindly granted by the Italian Navy.

The School also enjoys the financial support of Kinder+Sport, created to spread and promote sport as a healthy daily habit, especially among the young.

"Sensitive to issues of social problems, the Fondazione Vodafone Italia – states its President Antonio Bernardi – that in Naples has already supported other initiates aiming at reducing youth discrimination through sports, supports Mascalzone Latino’s Sailing School and in particular the renovation of the structure dedicated at the Sailing School, with the goal of providing the underprivileged and at-risk children integration into the civil society and the labor market through the practice of the sport of sailing and all sea activities in general, stimulating the teamwork spirit and the respect of rules in a fair-play competition.”

Inside the school – in a central area of the city – there are living areas, changing rooms and bathrooms (including for disabled persons), an infirmary, a kitchen, a dining room, offices, a relax area for the instructors, a classroom, a gym, a hospitality area, a TV area, a security room, a sail loft as well as storage rooms.

In short, a renovated and comfortable space for a reality to be admired and rewarded.
Mascalzone Latino’s Sailing School has obtained the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Labor and of AMOVA, Association of Gold Medals to Athletic Value. -