Saturday, December 18, 2010

The legendary Peyron Brothers on the move

Loick, Arno & Bruno at Delivery in Le Pouliguen (La Baule )(pic by Jean Marie Liot)
Loick wants a new chance at the cup after sailing with Alinghi 5, with his brother Bruno they'll try to challenge BOR in the game these two top multihull sailors know best. More info from the Peyron bros below by Arno.

We've been following the DNA since day one, in fact at a given time CSN was the only place where you could get info about it, the same with Alex Udin and SI and other cat projects.
Now the DNA has become almost a OD design inside the A-Class, the top 3 A (& Australian) sailors and 15 of their mates will race them in next Nats in January, currently the DNA is THE boat to buy in the A-Class. A truly great achievment for Arno and PJ, right now they've made the perfect boat, something that in other box rules classes the Tiger has achieved in the past, but now the F18 has at least 3 top competitive designs, clearly the F18 has reach a stall point as pont by Fischer too, while that stage will be reached by the A-Class with the new designs to come that will try to emulate or impove the DNA.... lets wait to see if Martin Fischer new A can match it-