Thursday, December 6, 2007

40 and heading south

With the two leaders now "officially" in the South, the Barcelona World Race is entering a new phase with stronger winds, darker skies and the promise of rougher seas.

PRB still maintains a 34-mile lead over Paprec-Virbac 2, and both crews are now below 40 degrees South, while Veolia Environnement is at the threshold of the Roaring mythical latitude. Now that the bulk of the fleet is heading straight towards the first ice gate (1350 miles in front of PRB's bow), the pursuers are in a better position since the St Helena high moved, allowing them to "take a shortcut" to the east, gaining precious miles in the process.

It was interesting to see the contrast between the conditions experienced by Veolia Environnement and Temenos II during today's video conference. Roland Jourdain was helming bare chested at 39 degrees of south latitude, while some 330 miles behind and 5 degrees further north, Dominique Wavre and Michele Paret were all geared up, riding a cold front generating 30-knot + winds! "We're heading straight towards the first ice gate", said Dominique. Michele commented "It's good to finally get some stronger winds and to see the speed go up (...) The weather is very cloudy, and the boat is now prepared for the southern latitudes, all the safety gear has been taken out and checked." The front in which Temenos II is sailing should extend, and Hugo Boss as well as Delta Dore may well experience 30-knot winds too. fully read @