Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dicksons New Venture

America's Cup skipper Chris Dickson has joined the afterguard on the board of NZX-listed amphibious boat builder Sealegs.

Sealegs makes inflatable and aluminium boats with steerable, retractable wheels that allow them to be driven in and out of the water, without the need to back trailers down to the water's edge.
Dickson said: "Anywhere land and water meets there's a market for Sealegs. I think there's a great future."
Dickson had watched Sealegs boats develop over a number of years.
"Today from what I see it's more than a good idea, it's now a proven idea, it's in production and it's a great little New Zealand company that's going about proving themselves as a business."
Sealegs chief executive David McKee Wright said the company had an order book for more than 140 boats worth about $9 million. -