Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bacardi Cup - Race 3

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 By Paul Cayard

The weather hasn't changed...still perfect. 80 degrees, sunny, light winds.

We finished 8th today and are now lying 4th overall. Peter Bromby and Magnus Liljedahl are leading with two second places in races 2 and 3 and average points for race 1 which gives them another 2nd in that race. Most people are very inconsistent and the scores are getting high. When you look at the results at you have to remember that there will be a discard after 5 races are completed.

The wind was very light today, 5-8 knots. The runs were a bit painful. We had a great start today and were launched half way up the first leg. We slowed up a bit toward the top and rounded 4th. We then proceeded to go backwards for the next two legs to round the second top mark 20th. We played it perfectly down the final run to finish 8th.

Mark Mendleblatt of USA won the race with crew Bruno Prada of Brazil and is in third place overall.

Tomorrow's forecast is more of the same, light winds and sunshine. I hate to say it for all of you who are freezing but we had to go and buy some more sun lube today.
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