Thursday, March 19, 2009


Casey Smith rounded Cape Horn naked...

Casey and Sid getting a Royal flush Rick Deppe/PUMA Ocean Racing/Volvo Ocean Race
Update from Puma blog: They pay us for this!
And they pay us to do this! A fantastic rounding of Cape Horn yesterday- 30 knots of wind, big waves and daytime to boot. We only got to see the actual rock way off in the distance but that’s okay. Rounding Cape Horn is a big bag full of emotions- relief that you are alive and out of the danger that is ever present in the Southern Ocean, regret that you may not come this way again, and a sense that you are passing not only a geographic landmark, but perhaps an important and significant milestone in your life. Capey's been ‘round seven times so I'm not sure it has the same relevance to him but he did seem a little chuffed and celebrated in his own special way, as did another member of our crew...

Casey made good on his promise to get nude at the Horn! It was absolutely hilarious watching him come out of the hatch in his birthday suit, accompanied by Sid in tights, before together running to the bow and hanging onto the headstay for a photo-op where they got drenched by a freezing Southern Ocean wave before running back and driving the boat for a minute. I wondered what the people at Volvo would make of this! I'm sure they had good reason to introduce the under 30 rule, but I bet no one anticipated some of the potential consequences.
It was tough moment for a MCM- standing there on the pitching deck with a camera in both hands, waves breaking over the deck, and people running around everywhere. Everyone wants a picture, plus I need to get video. Fortunately, we slowed the boat down for about five minutes and by that I mean we bore off a few degrees so the boat doesn't actually go any slower but the water coming across the deck is reduced a little.

We were little disappointed to come around in third place, but congratulations to both the Ericsson team, and nice work hanging in there by the guys on E3. That said we came round in good shape- boat and crew are all in one piece, spirits high and we are ready for a fight to the finish. We're hanging in there for now but hopefully there will be some opportunities up ahead for the monster.

- Rick