Monday, September 28, 2009

Bank Sarasin - RC44 Portoroz Cup

By Paul Cayard
I just learned today that Portoroz is one word.
Today was the official practice race. We went out early and did some match race practice with Artemis. The practice race was a fleet race and we finished a credible third. We had the lead off the start and <'s all of the way up the first beat then made some mistakes so the good news is that we can improve. The wind was 8-9 knots which is a good breeze in these boats. As you can see from the photo, we were fully powered up. Artemis won the practice race and Aqua was second, Ceeref fourth.

In the photo you have, from front to back; Mo Gutenkunst, "Belt" Sander, Jarad "Beach" Henderson, Robbie "the Battler" Naismith, "Sister" Theresa, Marco "Shark" Constant and missing is Mohito and myself. I think I must have been down below making a sandwich at this time. No really, I was on the boat today. The dude on the back with the life jacket on is a photographer.

Tomorrow we start the Match Racing part of the event. Our first match is against Sea Dubai, and then we have Aqua who is leading the season. First warning signal is at 1130. The forecast is for light winds all week.