Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bacardi Cup Day 1 - 2010 Miami Sailing Week

Report by Andrew Campbell

After a week of great north breeze, the Miami heat showed up again today killing the northerly and making conditions perfect for a light seabreeze. We waited on shore an extra hour and then ghosted out into a 4-6 knot easterly. The sailing was just beautiful all things considered, but a 20 degree lefty in the middle of the first two-mile beat spoiled our day. About ten boats were caught in the black flag starting penalty but even so we rounded well into the 50s after fighting our way back from the right side. We had intended to go right all along so I can’t beat myself up too much. And we had really nice pace around the course so we were able to make up nice gains and have a respectable finish in 20th place.

The real unfortunate part of the day was Brad’s back deteriorating as the day went on. He had spent yesterday rigging while I was racing the 32. But when we got to the boat today his back had tightened up so much that he could barely fit under the boom in tacks. Luckily it wasn’t too windy so he wasn’t over strained but by the end of the day Brad could barely walk without wincing in pain. So as I write we’re sitting at the doctor waiting for an MRI to hopefully confirm that it’s just a temporary problem demanding only rest and not actions more drastic. Meanwhile we’re scouring the boatpark for a replacement crew for the week. We’ll try to keep you updated at CampbellSailing.com.


MIAMI, FL (March 8) – Accomplished Floridian Skipper Augie Diaz teamed up with Brazilian Crewmate and 2007 Star World Champion Bruno Prada to open the first day of the BACARDI Cup Star Class competition with a win, taking the pair one step closer to the coveted Trofeo BACARDI. The day’s victory by Diaz-Prada, which took place among a field of eighty-four vessels in a light easterly wind up to 5 knots, was the first in five days of Star Class sailing. The Star Class started the weeklong BACARDI Cup competition, which also doubled as the opening event to the first ever BACARDI Miami Sailing Week, a new addition to the celebrated eighty-three year old sailing tradition.

“I’m not sure we can keep this pace up, but winning today is very exciting and a big step in the right direction. Today, it was all about the guy I was standing next in Bruno. He was a magician out there and I made sure to not do anything to hold him back,” comments Monday’s Star Class victor Augie Diaz. “The real key to the win was how we were able to approach the marks. We also were extremely lucky in the fact that we didn’t make the same mistakes that some of the other crews did out there. We’re pleased with today, but know we have a lot more to do before we go all the way.”

Skipper Jud Smith and Crewmate Brian Fatih were able to capture second place out on Biscayne Bay with Skipper Gustavo Lima and Rubrio Basilio following close behind in third. Rounding out the top five, Rick Merriman and Crew Phil Trinter and Peter McChesney with Crew Shane Zwingelberg were able to solidify their positions in fourth and fifth place respectively for the first day.

With the Star Class on point to headline the competition among several other classes competing in different events, 2010 BACARDI Miami Sailing Week will also include J24, Melges 20, Melges 24, and Viper Classes competing in various regattas. The Star Class competition will continue tomorrow and go through Friday, March 12th. The Viper Class begins Wednesday, March 10th with Melges 20, Melges 24 and J24 starting their run on Thursday, March 11th.