Monday, March 8, 2010

New Product: Foilfeed

Foilfeed for mainsails
The luff tape problems are over from today!
Sails fed into grooves - whether racing or cruising - will eventually experience an unavoidable chafe and fray to the feeding end of the luff tape, damaging the sail and leaving sailors, sailmakers, riggers and sparmakers with both frustrations, warranty repairs and costs.

We proudly introduce Foilfeed®, a patented design for both headsails (H1) and mainsails (M1) going into grooves, adding instant advantages as:

· Avoiding damage to the luff tapes
· Feeding sails reliably and faster, again and again…
· Taking the stress loads and twisting off the luff tape ends
· Preserving spars from erosion and breakdowns

40 years of deterioration over
The Foilfeed® H1 puts an end to this problem once and for all by capping the end of the luff tape hence adding protection, strength and reliability to a fragile part of a sail. The unique and patended design represents a solution to what has been a continous weakness of sails being hoisted in grooves for almost four decades. Now, that problem is over...

Foilfeed for headsails.
Foilfeed® on your sail is a sign of quality
Displaying a Foilfeed® on your sail sends a message, that you apply state-of-the-art protection to your luff tape solutions, emphasizing quality, design and durability. It's smart, less cumbersome to keep the headsails in perfect order and there's no way you will be going back to old solutions once you've had a foilfeed on your luff tapes. -