Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wanna lose a little weight this year?

Foilfeed® has worked on a development project based on the Foilfeed® M1 for mainsails. Basically, the M1 can replace the traditional headboards and rivets, saving weight and time, still saving the mast and luff tapes from the tear and wear.

The focus of this development was aimed at small keelboats and dinghies, that - by tradition - sail around with traditional heavy headboard solutions in their mainsails, adding excess weight and material.

This is not to say, that headboards are redundant from now on, but merely that there is a useful and better alternative for the majority of one design classes around now, substantiated by the Foilfeed® M1. Especially if you're looking for margins like saving weight aloft, saving your spar and avoiding luff tape problems... lose weight at