Tuesday, June 26, 2007

U.S. Youth Sailing Championship: Day 2

New Orleans, LA (June 26) - It was a most interesting weather day on Monday in New Orleans. Competitors left the dock at approximately 9:30 am CDT in very little wind and bright sunshine. Over the course of the next hour the wind varied but remained generally below 5 knots. Just after 11:00am the wind began to cooperate and both PROs began races in a building wind in advance of a coming summer rainstorm.

As racing progressed the race area was overcast by a dark clouds off to the north and east of the race course. The wind picked up and shifted somewhat to the South, making for very interesting racing. As Race 4 was concluded in all classes, the front began to arrive and thunder was heard in the distance. The RC signaled an abandonment with return to shore for lunch to await more favorable conditions. Unfortunately, after the passing storm the wind was less cooperative and the RC abandoned racing for the remainder of the day.

For all the results see www.usyouthchamps.com/
Photographs by Tim Wilkes.