Sunday, January 6, 2008

Day 54 heading for the Cape

Mutua Madrileña leaving Wellington after pit-stop /Barcelona World Race

It’s been a challenging weekend for the Barcelona World Race fleet. The two leaders are having uncharacteristic Southern Ocean conditions with Paprec-Virbac 2 losing miles due to light headwinds, while Hugo Boss is blocked by a ridge of high pressure in front of it that is limiting its progress towards Cape Horn.

“Right now we've got a 15 to 20 knot Northeasterly in front of a little front that's here. That should overtake us shortly and then we'll be left with a Northwesterly and we'll have to alter course or change sails to suit where we want to go,” said Andrew Cape from Hugo Boss this morning. “Conditions aren't too challenging at the moment, it's a bit chilly where we are, always a bit'll take us another day or two until we get a decent breeze over 20 knots.”

Meanwhile, Temenos II and Mutua Madrileña and suffering in light winds near New Zealand.
“We are still in very calm weather surrounded by high pressure. We are not tired and it’s not difficult sailing but it is frustrating to be so slow,” said Temenos II skipper Dominique Wavre. “We hope for more wind tomorrow.”

In an even more difficult situation is Educación sin Fronteras who has made good just over 130 miles in the past 24 hours as they’ve been nearly becalmed approaching Cook Strait. But things are looking up now as they make better speeds inside the Strait.