Friday, August 7, 2009

EasyRigging UpDate!!

EasyRigging: Here is a small summary of what they have accmplished so far.

-EasyRigging produced over 10.000 mtr of shrouds for boats up to 40 feet.
-In total EasyRigging served about 350 boats.
-Among these boats are 35 champions in various classes and races

All of this was acheived in just 2 years, since EasyRigging was presented in June 2007 as an accesible product for mainstream sailing. As a company, SmartRigging is the only lightweight rigging supplier which can offer the full range from the smallest of dinghies up to the worlds biggest lightweight rigged yachts (i.e. "Athos" a 203' Schooner, 62 mtr). Throughout these 2 brands we offer te highest quality at fibre level. Learn more @