Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Knickerbocker

Manhasset, NY - By Anna Tunnicliffe

Yesterday I arrived in Manhasset, NY from Canada for the Knickerbocker Cup. The Knickerbocker is a ISAF Grade 2 open match racing event, and a qualifier for the Match Race World Tour. This is the 27th year of event, and we (my team and I) are very excited to be competing. This is our first open event ever, but we have a great team and are looking forward to competing at a top level. There are twelve teams total from seven countries; two of the teams are all-women.

Today was the first day of the event during which we registered, weighed in and had an opportunity to practice. We are sailing Colgate 26’s, a boat we have never sailed before, but my crew did a fantastic job figuring out the boat's systems. As an all-women crew, we are allowed to sail with five people, so it is a little crowded, but very useful having the extra pair of hands. My team for the event is Liz Bower, Molly Vandemoer, Alice Manard, and Debbie Capozzi. I’m very happy with my team. They are a lot of fun to be around, but on top of that, they are all fantastic sailors and so, make my job that much easier at the back of the boat.

Racing starts tomorrow at 9:30 am. We are the first race of the day, so we are right into the action, which is good for me. I will write updates every night to keep you abreast of our progress. You can also follow along at the event website.

I would like to thank Carmeuse and Gill for their support of us for this event.
Sail Hard,