Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blow here..

Check this out! These guys from Windtowin have come up with a online game using your mic on your computer to blow wind in the sails of your favorite RC44 Team - Here is what they have to say.

It’s an online competition that aims to make noise about the sailing world, about the RC 44 class and finally about the Islas Canarias RC 44 Team. Through people can support their favorite RC 44 team by blowing in the computer microphone, so the boats move.

Also, the website is linked to some huge vents/fans that are in the port of Dubai. Each time a user blows into their computer mic, the website will translate the air into wind knots and move the fans to generate that wind and show their support directly in Dubai.

Only for playing, users will be able to win a trip with the Canaries on one of their next international regattas. -

So go and check this website out. It is nicely designed and is something different and cool!