Tuesday, November 3, 2009

UPDATE BOR Back at Base

The BOR 90 has dismasted

UPDATE - 16:30 local time San Diego - The BOR 90 should be in around 17:00, with the support RIBs that have retrieved the mast a couple of hours behind.

Early indications are that the boat platform hasn't suffered much damage, but it will take time to do a full assessment.

The shore team is geared up to dig in to the job list right away.

UPDATE - 15:15 local time San Diego - All equipment has been secured and the BOR 90 is under tow and en route to the team base. The boat is expected dockside early this evening.

On Tuesday morning, during testing on the waters off San Diego, the BOR 90 dismasted. All of the crew on board are safe. No one was hurt in the incident.

Support craft were with the race boat at the time and are currently working to salvage the rig and get the boat back to shore.

The team is investigating the cause of the failure.

More information will follow.