Sunday, May 2, 2010

Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series

Photo Guido Trombetta - Audi

Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series in Maremma, Tuscany: Bliksem (USA) Rules

The second leg of the Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series wrapped up at La Marina di Scarlino on Sunday. B. Lin’s early start in race eight ensured the victory of Bliksem (USA), the current World Champion.

Marina di Scarlino, Maremma, May 2nd 2010 –Everyone was expecting a showdown between Bliksem and B. Lin to decide the winner of the second leg of the Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series at Marina di Scarlino. After 7 races both teams had the same number of points and in race 8 the winner would have taken all. Instead, B. Lin helmed by Luca Lalli (with tactician Lorenzo Bressani on board) called over the starting line early, thereby immediately deciding the outcome of the race.

American Bliksem, helmed by Pietar Taselaar with Jeremy Wilmot calling tactics, went on to win race eight and the second leg of the Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series. A bad day for B. Lin, author of an excellent three days, however, that had been leading at the beginning of the last downward leg in race seven, losing two precious and decisive positions on the finishing line.

Two races were held on Sunday with a 10-12 knot southeasterly breeze, rain, and a passing-through squall with winds reaching 25 knots in the last race. Race 7 was won by Pilot Italy owner Francesco Martino (Vasco Vascotto tactician), Race 8 by Bliksem

Final Results Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series – leg 2 Scarlino (after 8 races)
1-BLIKSEM – USA (Taselaar / J.Wilmot) 1,2,(8),1,3,3,3,1:pt.14
2-B-LIN (Lalli / Bressani) 3,6,2,2,2,2,2,(7):pt.19
3-CALVI NETWORK (Alberini / G.Benussi) (9),4,3,6,6,1,4,5:pt.29
4-BRONTOLO (Pacinotti / Loof) 5,1,4,3,4,(18BFD),7,9:pt.33
5-RUSH DILETTA (Mocchegiani / Ivaldi) 2,8,(9),5,5,5,6,4:pt.35
6-FANTASTICA (Cirillo / Paoletti) 13,3,7,8,1,4,(13),2:pt.38
7-PILOT ITALIA (Martino / Vascotto) 4,(13),11,4,9,8,1,3:pt.40
8-OPUS ONE – GER (Stolz / Mohr) (16),10,6,10,12,6,5,10:pt.59
9-MASERATI FRA MARTINA (Pavesio / Fracassoli) 7,5,13,7,7,9,11,(16):pt.59
10-TORPYONE (Lupi / Brcin) 11,7,1,9,10,11,(DSQ),14:pt.63
11- HIGHLIFE – GBR (Rogers / Scott) 6,11,(14),14,8,7,10,8:pt.64
12-CUERVO Y SOBRINOS (Battistella / S.Montefusco) 15,9,5,13,(16),12,14,11:pt.79
13-INOVA.2 (Pesenti / D'Alì) 10,14,12,(15),13,10,8,12:pt.79
14-ROARK – NED (Kaan / Krijeger) 14,12,10,(16),15,15,19,6:pt.81
15-JANAS (Pardini / Pardini) 12,(15),15,12,11,13,12,13:pt.89
16-BLACK MAMBA – CZE (Knetig – Trcka) 8,(16),16,11,14,14,15,15:pt.93
17-H2SO4 (Serena / Giorgi) 17,17,17,17,17,16,(18DNS),18(DNS):pt.119