Monday, May 24, 2010

Tuscany Sailing: Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series

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Tuscany Sailing: Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series - Value Team conquers all. Youngest at the helm Morgan Kiss (USA) 17 years old.

A beautiful sunny day with thermal breeze crowned Value Team winner of the second leg of the Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series at La Marina di Scarlino, in Maremma Tuscany. Notaro Team finishes in second place and Hulk in third. The youngest helmsman on the course Morgan Kiss (Malatawa Bay YC) just 17 with her brother Mitchell, 15, calling tactics.

Maremma Tuscany, May 24th, 2010 - The second leg of the Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series wrapped up at La Marina di Scarlino on Sunday with 30 teams from Italy, Germany and the USA facing off in the pristine waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Value Team, owner Benedetto Giallongo with Francesco Scarselli at the helm and tactician Enrico Fonda dominated the regatta with three 1st , one 2nd and one 4th place (discarded). Second place for Notaro Team, owner Luca Domenici with Piero Vigo calling tactics ((12) -4-2-3-3) and third for Hulk, owner Stefano Di Properzio with tactician Lorenzo Bressani on board (4-3 - (12)-6-2).

Two races were sailed on Sunday under bright sunny skies with the typical thermal breeze blowing off the island of Elba, bringing the total to five in two days.

Value Team winner Benedetto Giallongo back on the docks stated: “We are very satisfied with our result and especially with having been able to rebuild a winning team”. Enrico Fonda, tactician on Value Team with a great past in the Olympic class 470, said: “We know the race course in Scarlino very well as e have trained here all winter and raced on these waters countless times. It is definitely one of the best courses around. The level of the fleet has grown a lot and it makes it a great challenge.”

For the first time in Maremma the Kiss family from Lake Michigan USA: dad owner Michael, tactician Mitchell 15 years old and at the helm Morgan just 17.”It 's been really fantastic racing here. The course is beautiful and the conditions are excellent. I started sailing when I was 10 years old and I usually race on 420s. Maremma is beautiful and I can’t wait to see Florence and Rome next week” said Morgan. Tactician Mitchell added: “Well, I stated sailing when I was 8 and I am getting ready to race iin the Laser Radial Worlds this summer in Scotland. It was really fun sailing with my sister!”

Final Standings (first ten):

1-VALUE TEAM (Giallongo / Fonda) 2,1,1,1,(4):pt.5
2-NOTARO TEAM (Domenici / Vigo) (12),4,2,3,3:pt.12
3-HULK (Di Properzio / Bressani) 4,3,(12),6,2:pt.15
4-TURNOVER (Vallivero / Cassinari) 6,(15),11,2,1:pt.2
5-CALVI NETWORK (Alberini / Benussi) 1,(11),9,5,7:pt.22
6-SEI TU 20 (Morina / Felci) 9,5,4,(22),5:pt.23
7-TEAM 93 (Recchi / Bolzan) (17),9,3,7,6:pt.25
8-REGGINI SAILING TEAM (Farneti / Brcin) 5,6,8,10,(15):pt.29
9-CHEYENNE (Strocchi / Rocha) 7,8,6,12,(16):pt.33
10-BELA VITA (Molla / Bianchi) 11,2,(13),8,13:pt.34

The Club Nautico Scarlino’s intense racing season continues with the BMW Match Racing Championship in June.

For the 2010-2012 season the Club Nautico Scarlino has partnered with Sorgenia, a company operating in the field of sustainable energy. Sorgenia is the first private Italian operator in the national energy market, with over 500,000 customers . Sorgenia also operates in the fields of natural gas, photovoltaic and wind-powered energy.