Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Life or Death

McKee embarks on sea survival course
In order to participate in the Barcelona World Race, all skippers are required to complete a sea survival course, with Estrella Damm skippers Guillermo Altadill and Jonathan McKee being no exception to these rules. Sea survival certificates are valid for five years, so Guillermo, who revised his certificate before the start of the 2006 Volvo Ocean Race is already qualified. Jonathan however was recently embarked on a day long course, held at the University of Barcelona.
As part of his qualification for the Barcelona World Race, Jonathan McKee completes a course on sea survival.
Combining classroom and practical exercises, the course provides sailors with the skills they need to cope with all types of emergency situations that may occur when offshore racing including: long range weather forecasts, hypothermia, resuscitation and first aid, safety equipment (including care and maintenance of life-raft, life vests, flares and beacons), using communication equipment, prevention and procedures for man overboard situations, coming to the aid of another boat, methods of search and rescue, prevention and extinguishing of on board fires as well as instruction on how to use a life raft and survival suit.
Jonathan McKee tests out his survival suit during a course on Sea Survival.
For Jonathan, the experience has been enriching. “Although I am already familiar with most of the procedures that the course covered, it’s always nice to refresh these skills, extend my knowledge and learn the details again. You can never know enough when it comes to safety on board. Hopefully we won’t have to use any of these skills during the race!” - Estrella Damm 2007