Friday, October 12, 2007

Why Drive When You Can Sail Drunk

Breathalyzer beckons for Spanish yacht owners
MADRID - Yacht owners in Spanish resorts may be breathalyzed after police found revelers were sailing home from parties to avoid being caught drink-driving.
Authorities in the southeastern region of Murcia say the number of alcohol-related accidents off its beaches has increased this summer. A person died in one collision.
"We are trying to avoid people sailing who have quite a lot of alcohol in their blood after parties and meals," a government spokeswoman said.
"We have reason to believe that some boat owners are not using their car after drinking but are using their yachts," said Luis Gestoso, the head of Murcia's civil protection body.
Police are cracking down on drink-driving on Spanish roads in an attempt to cut the death rate, which is almost double that of countries like the Netherlands and Britain.