Monday, May 19, 2008

Alinghi White

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Despite threats of thunderstorms, the final day of training in Valencia for the five Extreme 40s went off with a bang as the teams were put through their paces in preparation for the first iShares Cup in Lugano on 30 May.The day began with a Parade of Sail down the canal that links the Darsena to the open water, and then out to sea to move straight into the first of five start sequences planned for the afternoon.

Four winward/leeward courses were set in addition to a triangular course to take the boats close in to shore.Initial winds of 5 knots steadily increased throughout the day into perfect hull flying conditions for the final two races giving the spectators on the beach an impressive display. The racing was tight, particularly around the winward marks, with the boats jostling for space, resulting in a few missed mark roundings, close shaves and penalty turns. Full report...