Monday, May 19, 2008

Southwestern Yacht Club Wins Lipton Club

Photos SDYC
Total upset!
[SDYC] San Diego, CA. - Fickle winds, fog, Navy aircraft carriers, kelp, etc. were all reasons to delay racing this weekend. And in spite of all the detractions, the racing conducted was great. Sailing in two different venues as the wind allowed, SDYC’s Race Committee did an excellent job keeping the Lipton Cup competition on track.

Finding their way to the course area through the fog on Saturday, everyone discovered the dark gray shape in the fog was not a low cloud, but the emense aircraft carrier John C. Stennis at anchor in the Coronado Roads because of the fog. And we just thought they were there to watch the racing…

Wind and fog delayed the 1130 start until almost 1300. And between each of the races, there was a delay waiting for wind. If you wonder why Race 4 and 5 are blank, it was due to the specifics of language in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, thus racing on Sunday began with Race 6 through 9.

Sunday began with SDYC’s entry “Wings” skippered by Bill Hardesty ahead by 2 points over Southwestern Yacht Club’s entry J-OK skippered by Ken Manzoni. But Manzoni was quick to rectify that with a bullet in Race 6 to SDYC’s 4th which turned the tables and put SWYC ahead by one. Hardesty caught them looking the wrong way in the prestart of the next race, but Manzoni quickly exonerated himself and went on to take Race 7 with SDYC second. That put SDYC behind by two.

Race 8 featured more match racing between the two as they finally getting down to racing almost a minute behind the other competitors. Hardesty finished second with Manzoni fourth, which evened the score at 12 points apiece and a winner take all race to determine the winner of the Lipton Cup.

More Match racing, more shifts, and with Manzoni firmly under his wing, it looked like Hardesty had it wrapped up. But on the final leg to the finish, it depends on who you talk to as to how it all turned out. Bottom line, it was a photo finish. In fact no one knew who had finished until the RC announced it on the radio a minute later. Southwestern Yacht Club was the Lipton Cup champion for 2008. Congratulations Southwestern! - For Results