Monday, May 5, 2008

The Green Team’s Volvo Open 70

Guy Nowell/Green Team
The Green Team’s Volvo Open 70 has emerged from McConaghy Boats in Zhuhai, China and is being prepared for shipping to the UK.

To mark the occasion, the team held a “Thank You China Event” near the build site located 60 miles north of Hong Kong.

Construction started in October and has been completed on schedule, with the boat due to depart on 8th May.

The mainly Australian-led team at McConaghy’s has been working alongside American designers Reichel/Pugh and a 90-strong Chinese build team. 40,000 man hours have gone into the build.
Green Team CEO Jamie Boag said: “It is fantastic to see the boat completed. As we were late in the production of this boat it was crucial that it would be completed on time, something we were confident McConaghy Boats could deliver.

“China is an amazing place. If you want something manufactured or sourced, it can be done really quickly to a very high standard.”

With the build now complete the team will prepare the boat to be shipped back to Europe, with an anticipated arrival in the UK of early June. Read more...