Friday, May 8, 2009

Dhani Jones takes on Team New Zealand tryout...

NFL linebacker Dhani Jones is traveling further outside of his comfort zone for the 2nd to last episode of the season with yacht racing in New Zealand. Above and below are episode details and a preview video. Tune in to the Travel Channel on Monday night at 9 PM E/P for the premiere.

Dhani visits Auckland, New Zealand, on a quest to conquer the sea as the next great kiwi sailor. In this “City of Sails,” he has just one week to work his way on to an America’s Cup yacht and then take the ultimate test in an actual Team New Zealand tryout.

Out of the water, Dhani takes a leap off the Auckland bridge (with a bungy rope), goes heli-fishing and travels into the ocean on a dolphin adventure. “I feel like a dolphins whisperer.” -Dhani Jones

Picture: Red Line Films
Dhani assumes his position on the grinder during race day with Team NZ.