Monday, May 4, 2009

Wally 101 Indio Sets Sail

Owner at the helm of his new yacht.

Photos M. Costa
The new Wally 101 is a further development of the 100 footer Y3K and combines the lines of German Frers with the styling and interiors of a Wally.
As requested by the owner, this 30-meter (100-foot) sloop is designed to feature all the characteristics of a round-the-world high performance cruiser that can comfortably accommodate his family with little children. The result is a “family friendly” blue water sailing yacht that features on deck a social cockpit where the young kids can safely enjoy open-air, and inside the children and the nanny cabins.

The rig of the Wally 101 features the hi-moduls carbon mast and the V-boom by Hall spars. The table of central cockpit can be lowered to the seat level to transform this social area into a large sunbathing pad.

The construction technology is in advanced composites carbon pre-preg to keep the displacement of the yacht to 57 tons (125,663 lbs). To improve even further the performance of the yacht, the keel features the trim-tab system to provide for a better lift in upwind sailing. -