Saturday, May 16, 2009

Time To Turn It Around

Posted by PUMA Ocean Racing Team
Having enjoyed three weeks in Boston, dubbed the PUMA team’s ‘home’ due to their links with the North American city, the team feel well-prepared for the eight to ten day dash back across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe, where the race began almost eight months ago. During the transatlantic leg the fleet will avoid icebergs located to the southeast of Newfoundland, and will cross both the Labrador Current and Gulf Stream en route. The weather outlook for the leg is mixed, with uncomfortable living conditions onboard. PUMA’s il mostro has remained in the water since last weekend’s in port race, and the team have spent the past week loading for the offshore leg.

Skipper Ken Read (USA) commented: “This next leg, from Boston to Galway, Ireland is one that should not be taken lightly. There is the potential for us to be close to ice again and the conditions you can see out there can be pretty brutal. Racing across the North Atlantic in spring should be treated with all of the respect it deserves.”

“For PUMA, it’s time for us to turn this thing around. With four legs left in the race, it’s no secret that we need to fight for every point even harder than ever, before this race is mathematically over for us. We’ve always said we’re here to win, and we won’t stop trying until it’s no longer possible. I am very proud of our team – the whole team, the crew of il mostro as well as our shore team and back room team – for sticking together through the tough parts of this competition. This leg we have a couple of changes within our team, with Jerry Kirby unable to sail this leg with us and Sidney Gavignet taking a break for the leg. Craig Satterthwaite steps onboard from our ‘bench’ which will help to keep our team fresh. Our boat’s in great shape. I have confidence in the team, and the team has confidence in each other.” -