Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wally Yachts to build M & M designed Aeroyacht 110

Aeroyacht 110 Information
Morrelli & Melvin have teamed up with Aeroyacht to introduce a new line of luxury super catamarans. The Aeroyacht 110 is the first of the Aeroyacht range to fly from the design to the production phase. A sign of the changing times, it sports an optional 2-seater Icon A5 amphibian sports plane and pod to house it.

Referred to by many as today's most innovative American luxury yacht, the Aeroyacht 110 is a high-performance luxury catamaran. Gregor Tarjan, founder and president of Aeroyacht, collaborated with Morrelli & Melvin on the high-performance luxury catamaran to introduce the latest amenities, style, speed and stability to his visionary yacht. In addition to spacious and comfortable teak decks, a large galley and saloon, a 1,250 square foot social and entertainment platform, a low semi-fly and twin helm stations, this performance cruiser has three private, split-level suites.

Not only is the Aeroyacht spacious, it is fast. Speeds of 35 knots can be attained in comfort. Speed, size and carefully calculated weight distribution deliver minimal sea-induced motion for the entire range of Aeroyachts -- the Aeroyacht 95, 110 and 125.

"We are applying technology, engineering and material improvements to all of our designs. Performance cruising designs are getting stronger, lighter and faster just like the America's Cup and ocean racing multihulls. Aeroyacht has taken advantage of these breakthroughs to introduce optional equipment and more spacious private suites. The hull speeds that it can reach may seem fast for a monohull but are not even approaching the extreme speeds that some multihulls are achieving," said Pete Melvin, co-founder of Morrelli & Melvin. "It's not surprising that our recent designs for Aeroyacht and Harbor Wing Technologies can accommodate the launching of unmanned vehicles and small planes. -