Wednesday, February 24, 2010

3rd Generation IRC 52 Turbocharged

Botin Carkeek / Cookson IRC 52 - Fernando Leon & Kiko Sanchez New Mediterranean Racer

The new flush deck Cookson 52 has been designed to do well in light / medium conditions, which are expected in most venues of the Spanish circuit. Winning the Copa del Rey is the team’s main goal and we have optimized the boat’s deck, sailplan and appendages to suit their requirements. Overall displacement will be lighter than a TP52, and we have fitted a taller mast and deeper draft. The new flush deck is a preview of what the TP52 class will look like in 2011, and a thorough CFD-FEA analysis has been carried out to minimize aero windage and achieve high longitudinal stiffness. The internal structure has been upgraded by Giovanni Belgrano (Pure Engineering). The boat is expect to be launched in May 2010. -