Thursday, February 11, 2010

Groupama 3: Exit imminent...

Snaking between cells of high pressure, Groupama 3 is seeking to avoid being caught up in the anticyclones, which are positioned way down South... Franck Cammas and his men know that they have to endure another 24 difficult hours before they can hook onto a steadier, powerful W'ly breeze.

In the atmosphere there are plateaus and craters, anticyclones and depressions... Between the two are cols and valleys. Currently approaching the Roaring Forties, from Friday morning Franck Cammas and his nine crew are likely to reach some very light, problematic conditions, however the analysis remains very positive. Indeed Groupama 3 always manages to maintain sufficient speed to get through the tricky zones before the small zones of high pressure succeed in catching up with her.

"We should find wind ahead of our bows! I hope we've escaped the lightest breezes now... This Thursday morning, we weren't even making an average of six knots, with less than three knots of breeze. Fortunately we're in the process of leaving these zones, which are closing up behind us. The end of the tunnel lies at 37° South! However, in a few days time, we'll have enough wind to get the boat making good headway... And it's beginning to cool off. There are already some albatrosses in the sky, the sun is shining and the sea is the purest of blues. However, we're constantly having to trim the sails in order to escape these zones of high pressure" explained Franck Cammas to French celebrity Yann Queffélec, during the 1130 UTC videoconference at Groupama's Race HQ in Paris. - Find all the latest news from the Groupama trimarans