Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More AC stuff

Statement by Tom Ehman, GGYC spokesperson
Valencia, (February 3, 2010)-The International Jury for the 33rd America’s Cup
has confirmed the start time for races will be 1006.

This was one of five decisions reached by the Jury following hearings in Valencia
in which Golden Gate Yacht Club’s requests for redress were heard for improper
actions taken by the defender, Société Nautique de Geneve.

The Jury gave Race Office Harold Bennett the discretion to use his experience
and judgment on what constitutes fair and safe conditions for racing. GGYC
submitted that SNG’s planned low wind limits would unfairly advantage Alinghi 5
and disadvantage USA.

GGYC’s yacht USA has also been cleared to use onboard wind-detection
equipment as well as fast and green friction-reduction technologies. SNG had
previously arranged rules to permit both these things, but had a last minute
change of mind, and then attempted to prevent USA from using them.

“This brings some degree of common sense back to the rules,” commented
GGYC spokesman Tom Ehman. “The pinnacle event in our sport, contested by
the world’s best sailors, ought to allow racing in conditions that even kids in the
Optimist trainer class would say were too light to be any fun.”

Race 1 for the 33rd Match is scheduled for Monday, February 8, with Race 2 on
Wednesday and Race 3 (if necessary) on Friday.