Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Photo Leonard Lenz / BMW Russell Coutts (BMOR CEO/skipper) and Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management BMW Group, Sales & Marketing.
BMW and ORACLE Racing renew America’s Cup partnership.
Partnership combines technology and sportsmanship for yachting’s top challenge.
Munich. BMW and ORACLE Racing said today that they were very pleased to announce the renewal of their partnership in BMW ORACLE Racing, as they prepare to compete for the next America’s Cup.

Speaking at a press conference at BMW Welt, which adjoins the firm’s headquarters in Munich, Russell Coutts, the team’s CEO and skipper, said they were delighted to be renewing a strong partnership that is now entering its seventh year. Both Coutts and Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management BMW Group, Sales & Marketing, said they looked forward to seeing an exciting event with the technologically demanding multihull yachts to be used in the 33rd America’s Cup.

“We are proud to continue this partnership with BMW,” Coutts said. “Trying to win the America’s Cup is about combining the world's top design and engineering excellence with a passion to succeed. The Cup is a marriage of technology and sportsmanship. And, as BMW is also showing in Formula One racing, this is something it understands extremely well.” Coutts added: “We greatly value BMW’s team commitment, and will continue to support the values that BMW and ORACLE represent in aiming to compete at our best in the special challenge the next Cup is shaping up to be.” -