Wednesday, July 16, 2008

last practice session...

Allie Cayard
Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 8th-10th was our last practice session before the start of the Pacific Cup. We finally had everyone together - Danny, Paul, Ralfie, Cameron, Morgan, Mark, Robbie and me. Our goal was to be offshore for 48 hrs to try to understand what racing will be like.ᅠWe were both fortunate and unfortunate with the weather. There was hardly any wind which was good because as it was the first time out overnight, not many of us were wanting to cook and sleep in 25-30 knots of breeze.

Dad assigned us our watch times and partners. We will be doing two person watches (or shifts), every two hours. I thinkᅠDad picked me to be his watch partner as I am his little girl. The sail started off very well. As we left the Golden Gate behind us, we came across a grey whale which swam under the boat and surfaced about five feet to leeward. There wasn't much breeze so the aquatic life was really interesting. Weᅠsaw sharks and even a few more whales.ᅠ

The first night I volunteered to cook dinner assuring the guys that this wasn't going to be an every meal thing. Much to my surprise, as soon as I began hanging around the galley, I became seasick, something I've never experience before. I managed to keep dinner down until I went to bed at 2000 and woke up for my shift at 2200 with my Dad. That's when we started our watch cycles.

The first night was a long one, I found myself continually nodding off to sleep while on watch.ᅠHowever, two hours flew by much faster than I had expected. Soon my brother and Robbie went to wake up Cameron and Mo, who would be on deck with us for the next two hours.

The following day began for me at 0600. Breakfast was self serve granola with blueberries and milk, and a hot cocoa.ᅠAs the day went on, I finally got a hang of the watch system. Our first 48 hours on the water were very successful although when we start our journey to Hawaii on July 17th the weather is supposed to be a bit windier, making everything harder, but more fun.

Since we've been back from our practice sail we have done a great deal. The boat has had a few touch ups here and there.ᅠI've been busy getting all the food together, packing it in duffel bags with snack packs and plenty of dried fruit and nuts. Yesterday, we packed up our container with clothes, surfboards and kite boards ready for our arrival in Hawaii. Our plan for the next two days is to take it easy, relax andᅠenjoy the simple things like showers, ice cream and family beforeᅠwe head off.

Allie Cayard

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