Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crossing the line...

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A 16-year-old sailor making a bid to become the youngest person to sail solo around the globe has told of his joy at achieving his first major milestone.

Mike's blog entry:
I'm over the Equator at last! I crossed the line very early in the morning and, as it was so dark, I waited until morning to celebrate with a little champagne and a toast to Neptune, to, to me my family and all of you. As I understand it, there was a bit of a do in the Perham family house to celebrate this momentous moment last night. Hope it was a good one…
This done and dusted I'm now plugging south in a south-easterly wind which has got me working pretty hard. Squalls are still pestering me and I'm dashing south to escape them for the relatively steady trades, when I’ll be able to get decent sleep and rest.
Minutes ago I was standing outside just lost in the moment. The clouds were so high and puffy, the sky was a sharp bright pink and was careering along upwind like there was no tomorrow as a gust had just come through. I didn't want to go back into the cabin so I just stayed outside, soaking everything in.
This I quite literally did, as five minutes later a largish wave swept over and gave the top half of me a good soaking. ‘Lovely,’ I thought - but well worth it.

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