Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh so close - Green Dragaon... Makes it home!

Image © Volvo Ocean Race/ Rick Tomlinson - WE MADE IT! - GD
Green Dragon are just over 20 miles away from completing Leg 4 of the Volvo Ocean Race. It has been a real test for man and machine as they battled storm conditions, damage and the very real prospect of not making it to China. For Ian Walker and his crew the arrival into Qingdao will be a significant moment for all onboard, and a serious accomplishment after 14 challenging days at sea. Green Dragon is currently 24 miles away from the finish line off Qingdao, but light conditions are delaying their arrival, which is now expected this evening around 2000/2100 local time (GMT + 8).

UPDATE: After 14 days at sea an elated crew onboard Green Dragon completed one of the most challenging legs in the races history. With nearly half the fleet forced to retire or suspend racing it was a huge accomplishment for the team to finally cross the finish line and claim a valuable 4 points on the leaderboard raising them to fourth overall in the race. View the latest images of the…