Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Innovation in production: SmartRigging

The R&D department at Smart Rigging have indicated that product improvement will become progressively important over the next couple of years as the worldwide market for fibre rigging is expected to grow exponentially. Therefore an improvement to stay ahead of the competition was a necessity.

By using cutting-edge technology in our production process, we have found a way to reduce the diameter of each produced cable by 10% and save weight at the same time. By adapting our patented Fibre Tension Control system to a Seal Tension Control system we can ensure a nicer bending of the cable, making it last longer and look better. Using runners as an example, we now have the possibility to more evenly spread the load of a pull-forward and creating an even compression throughout the complete length of the cable. - http://www.smartrigging.com/