Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cipango Racing

Pictures by Ellen :
Day 3 Report 1 Transpac 2009
Sat, July 4th, 8:05pm
Flat sea, cloudy sky, wind of 7 to 12 knots coming from 340.We sat in few holes this morning, we even set the daisy sail (1) to seek the wind for few minutes. The wind turned a little bit right since and is more stable. We are now carrying Jib Top (2) and Stay sail (3) allowing us to go to 230. Tactically, we try to keep an eye on our competitors and position ourselves between them and Hawaii.JP inspected hayliards at the top of the mast and everything looks good.Besides few dolphins after Catalina Island on day one we have not see any sea life.Diner tonight is dry food .. Jamaican Chicken and for desert some dry mango that looks like pop corn.
(1) Daisy sail is a small sail that we set with the spinaker. Since it is a light sail with no baton we also used it to seek for wind when there is none.(2) Job Top is a front sail that looks like a Genois but with a clew much higher.(3) Stay sail is a small front sail that we carry between the Jib Top and the main sail.