Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Onboard video Pegasus Racing - Transpac 09

Philippe Kahn describes sailing in pitch black night while racing Pegasus in the 2009 Transpac.
2 AM Update:
These clouds puff or suck. They all look the same at night. With this overcast sky, there are clouds that play with our minds. Especially as I stand watch alone at night, one hand on the helm, the rest of my senses fully in listening mode. As we are sailing downwind on starboard the clouds that matter are on our right back quarter. Like yesterday, the clouds are tricky. Not that I can change the outcome much.. Speed or becalmed. I noticed that I can start to feel some cold air from the puffers. That makes sense: they suck colder upper atmospheric air and "puff it out in front of them". The suckers seem to do the opposite and becalm a large area around them.

All is well aboard the mighty Pegasus. Challenging sailing conditions. That's what we enjoy.

Pegasus making tracks during the 2009 Transpac race!