Wednesday, July 22, 2009

TP52 Day 2 Race 5

TP 52- Audi MedCup-Cagliari
Paul Cayard

We had another good day on the Artemis. Two races were held on the Gulf of Cagliari in 10-12 knots of wind from the southeast.
Artemis scored a 3, 3 and we are still in third place. Matador won the day with a 1, 2 and is now just one point out of first. Team New Zealand had a 4, 5 and were coming from behind to get there. Amazing how fast things can change in this fleet.

The wind was forecast to build into a similar day as yesterday but it failed. As the windspeed got to 12 knots, it just retreated back down to 10. There was a bit of chop on the course from a stronger gradient wind out on the east side of Sardinia so that made sailing in 10 knots a bit more difficult.

One of my goals today was to work with Torben to get a bit more speed on the starting line. We achieved that and had two excellent starts. It is such a boost in this fleet to come off the line well.
We were in 1st place for a short time on the second windward leg of the first race, but never managed to get real control. All in all we sailed fast and smart, never taking big chances. We are in the consistency mode which I like.

Tomorrow is the Coastal Race which is a 25 mile races around the Gulf of Cagliari. The race counts 1.5 times an inshore race.

Off to the performance debrief, then dinner then a media dinner. I am pre-eating because the media dinner is likely to be served at 2300 and I will be gone by then.
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