Thursday, July 9, 2009


Photos & story by Matthew L. Thomas Cape Town, South Africa
Fortunately, the only things that were bruised were some egos as the competitors for Durban's Premier sailing event, were given a show of how not to launch your sportboat this morning.

The crew of the Pacer 27, UNRULY, were rushing to get their boat into the water and had Untied everything before they started backing the boat down the launch ramp from the trailer and while backing the boat and trailer down the launch ramp... Then it happened... A hump, a bump and UNRULY decided that it was time to escape the confines of the trailer. Only problem was, she wasn't ear the water. Never fear... Get hold of a crane and pick her up and into the water and off racing she went.

Just a lot of rather red faces, bruised egos and a few scratches.... and some hefty bar bills when they come off the water tonight....