Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fort Lauderdale to Key West

In completely contrary conditions to the prior weekend, 55 boats set off for Key West from Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 72 degrees and a light northerly breeze. As forecast, the wind is creating a 'jibefest' for the boats heading in a south westerly direction, basically dead down wind. The navigators will work now to keep their boat along a pretty narrow line, between the Gulf Stream to the left and the coral reefs to the right. "Slow or Stop," are the options to the sides of the course, neither of which is desirable.

Everyone loves to watch the big sexy boats, and the eye candy was certainly there at the start today. Rambler, Privateer, Bella Mente and several others in the IRC A fleet were gunning for the pin end and causing a lot of bad air to swirl around for the slightly smaller IRC B boats as they started together. Several of the boats in the fleet are posting to the race blog linked here: The lower keys are showing a bit more breeze, but it looks like the boats will finish a little later in the morning than we first thought. At least Pepe's will be open by then!

Paige Brooks, SORC PR.