Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two days to go… 2010 Star Worlds

By Andrew Campbell

Brazil is living up to its summer-time reputation, hot, humid and great sailing. Yesterday was a phenomenal day of sailing outside of Rio. 10-15 knots and some fun wave action made for good tuning conditions and the most fun downwind sailing we’ve seen down here.

Measurement is today’s big effort. The Star worlds is a lesson in patience when it comes to measurement. You take your mast down, check in all your safety gear, weigh the boat (871 kilos), weigh your masts tip-weight, lay your sails out for stamping, put your mast back up and measure the boom length, all in 100 degree heat (well 96 if you trust the heat index). The reward is being able to have rides like in the video below. We had our practice kit up for yesterday’s blast. Looking forward to breaking out the good stuff for the regatta. Racing starts Saturday: