Sunday, April 11, 2010

Etchells Midwinters West Presented by SLAM

The Etchells Midwinters sponsored by SLAM, concluded three days of tough competition and challenging conditions. The winds were generally southeast to southwest (220 on Friday, 245 on Saturday and 160 on Sunday) at 7 to 12 kts. And you can tell something is going to happen here in a few months by the list of names that are appearing on the score card, and also by the score line of some of the top boats. Miss a shift or get buried at the start and it’s going to be a deep race.

Brian Camet lead after the first day with a 2-13-4. Bruce Golison, from Long Beach, improved his Friday scores (18-1-12) and found a Saturday grove by posting three bullets for the second day which put him on top with two races left in the final day. But for Bruce, Sunday was more like Friday and at the close of business on the final day, Vince Brun finished the regatta the same why he started it…with a 1st place and top honors for the 2010 Etchells Midwinters Championship.

Sponsored by SLAM with generous additional support from Point Loma Outfitters, North Sails, Sailing Supply, and Ullman Sails, the Etchells Midwinters was a warm up for the North American Championship held here at San Diego Yacht Club June 7 thru 12. Stay tuned… - Results